Monetize or increase your traffic!

So you are here to increase or monetize your traffic don't you? Well let me show you some of the best & trusted Advertise networks where you can monetize or increase your traffic just advertising with them!


Coinzilla Bitcoin Ad Network

Oh boy! Coinzilla is one of my favorites Advertising Networks, I tried both services as Publisher and Advertiser and both bring me good results!.

As Publisher:It was one of my first networks were i was accepted, you need to have a Decent alexa rank and a Custom Designed site if you are running a faucet. The earning from them depends the quality of your traffic but they offer a really good CPM in BTC.
As Advertiser: They're a such good company they let'me to transfer some funds from my publisher balance to advertise my site! I transfered 1mBTC (100,000 Satoshis) to my Advertiser account to try their service and it really went REALLY REALLY WELL in few hours i got 50+ clicks and just 28k Banner views! It took 2 days to finish the campaign with a result of 230+ Clicks and 100+k views. They let you to select which country is targeted your AD and their support is very nice.
Before advertising or applying for publisher please read the COINZILLA T.O.S


As second Place we have Bitmedia! I tried both services : Publisher & Advertiser

As Publisher: The earning with Bitmedia IS VERY HIGH they aren't lying about "Only Adsense offers higher rates" but as advertising network need advertisers to keep paying such high rates so sometimes the CPM can vary. As all this said you need to have good traffic from countries 1st or 2nd tier because being part of Bitmedia isn't easy (They just care about quality and user of the site)
As Advertiser: Advertising with Bitmedia it's a little bit expensive but that doesn't means you won't get good results, YOU WILL GET VERY GOOD RESULTS i used 1mBTC (100,000) to advertise too and i got around 100+ clicks and 25+k Impressions it's less than coinzilla but the 90% of the traffic what i've received it was from 1st & 2nd Tier countries. They let you to select which countries are targeted your AD with no extra charge and 24hr after click show again your AD again to the IP who clicked your AD, the support is a little bit slow but they respond.
Before Advertising or Applying for Publisher please read the Advertiser Terms & Publisher Terms of Bitmedia


On third place we have Cointraffic!

As Publisher: They calculate your earnings in EUROS but pays in BTC, you need a cryptorealted website and At least 10,000 unique visitors per month, they also doesn't accept adult content related.
Before applying for publisher please check their CT Publisher T.O.S


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